Anonymous Hackers― mobile app design ―


  • Logo Design
  • Layout Design
  • Grid Structure
  • Mobile Design

Project Details

For this project, we were to choose a favorite, artist, designer, historical or contemporary figure/social issue/object or topic and design a mobile app to discuss, explain, or shed insight on the subject matter in any way we seemed appropriate.

I chose this topic because of the hidden messages and secret meanings of everything they do as a group. Anonymous is known for hacking some of the most powerful and important sites and people such as the FBI, CIA, and multiple government websites. They hack these sites because they stand for certain rights or events happening around the world and when someone goes against what they believe in, they hack them and give them a warning about their continued support of said subject. I love that they are strong enough to take down such strong sites and how they are able to essentially speak for the people that most likely will never be heard. In their own right, their like a modern day Robin Hood, except they aren’t taking money, they are taking websites down to prove point and cause a disruption much like the people they are hacking are causing for the people being persecuted.